A Free Motorola DROID Mobile Phone Could Be Yours – Here’s How

Are you a gadget lover on a budget? Then why not get a Motorola DROID for free with just a little amount of work? I will show you how easy it is and why you shouldn’t miss out on such a great opportunity.

You can get a free DROID by joining testing programs that help software manufacturers determine if a certain mobile phone application is ready to hit the market or isn’t yet quite fit for the average consumer. This stage of software testing takes place after the programmers have done their own share of testing in the lab and does not involve any technical knowledge or special skills. Plus, you won’t need and previous experience or references to apply and you won’t need special education.

What you will have to do is simply take the Motorola DROID the company will provide you and pretend you’ve bought an application for it. You will have to use it as a regular consumer would, on a daily basis, for about a week. All the testing is done from home so it won’t interfere with your schedule or day job.

After the testing period is over, the software company will need you to fill a simple form with questions about their product: “Was it easy to use?”, “Did you find it useful?” and so on. And as a reward for your services you won’t be paid in cash but you will get to keep the DROID you’ve just tested for free. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me and an opportunity I’m sure you wouldn’t like to miss.

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Online Digital Photography Courses – The Money Aspects

Are you able to take simple pictures? Are you able to edit them afterwards? Do you have a 3.2 megapixel camera? Well, you have the right tools and knowledge to make money with online digital photography. The only thing you need to learn is how to market photos, which photos are in demand and how to make them ‘findable’. A good photo doesn’t bring in cash if no one can find it.

It can be fun and rewarding to make money with online digital photography. You will need to take some online digital photography courses. These courses provide you with tips, strategies and ways to create better photos and make money. There are various subjects you will learn with an online digital photography course.

One of them is long tail keyword research. Keywords make sure that people can find your photo. However, generic keywords like “apple”, “building” or “money” are way to competitive. Nobody will find your digital photo if you aim for these. Keywords like “rotten apple”,” 3 story building” or “red money sack” are much better. These keywords receive less traffic, but it is easier to get a slice of that traffic.

If youre photos are decent and you are targeting long tail keywords, you will  make profit. However, you must practice a lot to be good at finding keywords and think the way prospective buyers think

Long tail keywords are only one aspect of making money with pictures. To master all the aspect of digital photography and marketing picture, you are advised to take a online digital photo course. They are the best, most complete and easiest way to make money with photos online.

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How to Fix a Slow Computer – Easy Ways to Fix Slow Computer

Why is my computer running so slow? This is the question that I was asked for many times by a lot of people. Some people not only suffer from slow running computer but also computer freezing problems once in a while. How can we fix a slow computer?

There are many factors can affect computer performance. To make your computer run faster, you need to deal with all of the negative issues that can slow down your computer.

Void Registry Entries

Registry is the first issue that you should cope with. When a program is uninstalled from your computer, some registry entries of the program is not removed completely. These registry entries are no longer valid. But they can slow down your computer.

When Windows starts up, it will need to check all the registry entries including the void entries. And when it is running, it also needs to load some of the entries. The void registry entries occupy your RAM resources and dramatically slow down the computer speed. To fix a slow running computer, it is necessary for you to clean up the void registry keys.

Overmany Junk Files

After being used for a long time, there will be a lot of junk files left in the system disk. They can not only take up system disk space but also slow down your computer. Cleaning up the junk files will keep your system disk neat and make Windows run much faster.

Optimizing system is a complicated thing. And there are still many issues that you should handle. You need to clean up the redundant DLL files, tweak memory and so on. It is time-consuming that you try to optimize your computer manually.

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ATX Tax Software Hosting Provides A Comprehensive Tax Solution

ATX ranks amongst the perfect professional tax software currently available in the market. ATX Tax software acts as a boon for small and medium size tax preparation firms as it allows these firms to meet their diverse needs and challenges. ATX Tax Packages that are available in the software market are as follows – 1040 Tax Package, 1040 Office Tax Package, MAX for Business Tax Package, MAX Tax Package, Total Tax Office Tax Package, and Total Tax and Accounting Office Tax Package.

Other Tax Solutions offered by developers of ATX Tax software are as follows – Ohio Cities Allocation Package, Pay per return or PRS, IntelliForms, W – 2 / 1099, Payroll Compliance Reporting, TaxScripts, and Quick Tax Estimator.

Practice Enhancers offered by developers of ATX Tax software are as follows – PaperlessPLUS, FeeCollect, Bank Products, Marketing Support, MoneyWise Card, Audit Shield, Trusted Advisor Program, Merchant Services, Paper Products, and Business Filings.

If you are looking for a complete accounting, tax preparation, and tax research solution, then Total Tax and Accounting Office software package will provide you all the features and usability that you need. Total Tax and Accounting Office software package combines the invaluable suite of accounting products with the comprehensive tax software and research suite, the Total Tax Office. With this comprehensive product you will be able to quickly process client A/P and A/R, write-up and payroll and merge this data into a powerful tax preparation program that is integrated with sophisticated research resources. ATX online research is powered by IntelliConnect, the revolutionary research platform from CCH that searches all content at once and returns an organized list of results that can be filtered, saved, printed and e -mailed. One simple search brings you the results you need, quickly and easily.

Benefits offered by the Total Tax and Accounting Office software package are many in number, viz., process tax returns easily and efficiently with the complete and powerful Total Tax Office software; gain access to the fully integrated CCH research libraries; complete data entry quickly and process payrolls completely, while eliminating duplicate efforts with Client Accounting Suite with Payroll; scan and save paper documents, while keeping your office organized and efficient with PaperlessPLUS; ease year end write up work and the preparation of your clients’ business tax returns with the powerful Trial Balance program included with Client Accounting Suite; and have complete control of your clients’ fixed asset data by tracking federal, state, AMT and book depreciation on an unlimited number of assets with the simple to use ATX Fixed Asset Manager.

– Advantages Offered By ATX Tax Software Hosting Service Provider

ATX Tax Software Hosting service vendor provides many advantages to its clients. Some of the major advantages are enumerated here below –

* Data Centers

Tier four grade data center facilities are used by ATX Tax Software host. Data center facilities used are also SAS No. 70 Type II compliant.

* Support

Application hosting service providers’ expert professionals provide free 24/7 support service via chat, toll free phone, e – mail, etc.

* Reliability with Economy

Customers save much money on Information Technology or IT infrastructure, hardware, information technology operations, management, maintenance, networking, etc. Clients get a very high uptime, which almost touches one hundred percent.

* Always – on Accessibility

Cloud hosting service vendor provides any where and any time real time accessibility. Cloud computing service provider allows end users to access cloud hosted ATX Tax software from where ever they are located. Multiple end users are able to access same data file at the same time and from any place round the world.

* Robust Backup

ATX Tax software hosting service vendor provides rolling and fully robust backup technology to backup customer’s business critical data.

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