How to Fix a Slow Computer – Easy Ways to Fix Slow Computer

Why is my computer running so slow? This is the question that I was asked for many times by a lot of people. Some people not only suffer from slow running computer but also computer freezing problems once in a while. How can we fix a slow computer?

There are many factors can affect computer performance. To make your computer run faster, you need to deal with all of the negative issues that can slow down your computer.

Void Registry Entries

Registry is the first issue that you should cope with. When a program is uninstalled from your computer, some registry entries of the program is not removed completely. These registry entries are no longer valid. But they can slow down your computer.

When Windows starts up, it will need to check all the registry entries including the void entries. And when it is running, it also needs to load some of the entries. The void registry entries occupy your RAM resources and dramatically slow down the computer speed. To fix a slow running computer, it is necessary for you to clean up the void registry keys.

Overmany Junk Files

After being used for a long time, there will be a lot of junk files left in the system disk. They can not only take up system disk space but also slow down your computer. Cleaning up the junk files will keep your system disk neat and make Windows run much faster.

Optimizing system is a complicated thing. And there are still many issues that you should handle. You need to clean up the redundant DLL files, tweak memory and so on. It is time-consuming that you try to optimize your computer manually.

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