How to Backup Wii Games For Endless Hours of Fun

We know that the Wii has attracted many casual gamers into the gaming world, and that for many of you, making backup Wii games is a completely foreign concept. Were here to showcase the ease with which Wii backups can be made, and to highlight the tools and steps you’ll need to take to make to do so.

Nintendo’s consoles are known for being a little quirky when it comes to making backups of their games, and incompatibility with different computer DVD drives is fairly high. While there’s no definitive list of which drives do and do not work, it’s a generally accepted fact that LG DVD drives are one of the few drives which consistently work to make fully functioning backup Wii games. As such, you may wish to purchase an LG drive if you don’t already have one. You can certainly go ahead and test out your existing drive first, but judging by the experiences of many others, you’re unlikely to have good results without an LG drive.

Before you’re ready to put your LG or other drive to the test, you first need to choose a game copying program to use. This isn’t quite as important for the dumping of the image file, but is greatly important for burning the image file to a new disc. There are several good game copying software programs which we’ve reviewed elsewhere on the site, including game copy pro, game copy wizard, and copy that game.

With program and drive ready for action, insert your Wii game disc into your drive and open up your game copying program. You’ll be presented with several options. Choose to write image file from disc, or the similar sounding option of your chosen program. The program will then begin to dump the game file, which simply means its making a copy of the file. This file will show up as gamename.iso in the specified location when its complete, which should take a couple hours.

Before burning this file, right click it and select to view properties. Like the Nintendo Gamecube before it, all Wii games have the exact same file size, and this should be reflected in your dumped file. For the Wii, the file size should show 4.37 GB (4,699,979,776 bytes). If your.iso file does not show this file size, its likely that your dump was not successful, which could be the result of using an incompatible drive, or poor game copying software.

If the dump was seemingly successful, you’re ready to move onto the final step, which is burning the newly created image file to a disc. Insert a blank DVD into your drive, open your game copying software up, and choose write image file to disc. Before beginning the operation, we recommend choosing a slow burn speed, as Nintendo consoles are notoriously finicky about playing games that have been burned at high speeds. The burning wont take nearly as long as the dumping, after which you’ll be ready to test out your game.

We hope we’ve shown how to backup Wii games in a simple manner, as it really isn’t all that hard. By backing up your games you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged or lost. Now if only we could freely backup our Wii Remotes.

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