3 Good iPhone Apps For Kids Part 2


The author has already made his name famous on YouTube with this video. He converted it into an app for the iPhone. It has a few additional interactive features not possible for a video. It used to be free, but I think it’s worthwhile to get it at a modest 99 cents.

The tune he wrote for this app is really catchy, including the parts where his daughter interrupts when he “makes” a mistake.

You can always search for the YouTube video first to get a preview. You can then decide if you really want to buy it.


Since a free edition was available, I got that first. My children loved it to bits. Cute animals that makes sounds when you tap on them, and a satisfying song when you complete matching the puzzle. The free one has only 2 puzzles though.

At a slightly hefty price of $1.99, I decided to search for other apps first and see if they would drop the price sometime. Although it’s only a measly dollar difference, I was still thrilled to get it for just 99 cents one time offer.

It definitely has very memorable theme music and sounds for kids to keep playing it over and over again.

-FW Deluxe

Basically just a game for kids to match letters to the word puzzle, with quite a lot of words you can match. Tap and drag the correct letters.

This is the full game with all words and categories present. It is quite expensive at 4.99. I thought it was better than trying to get a few separate apps since they had separated the categories into different apps. Plenty of different words to learn too.

My kids quickly got used to it so on hindsight, perhaps it was more cost effective to buy just one category at a lower price.

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HTC One S – Build And More

HTC recently introduced their newest One series lineup. They are the following: HTC One V; One S; and One X. In this article, we will talk about the “One series” middle child, this is the HTC One S.

This handset comes in with an aluminum unibody shell. Its unibody shell has been treated with micro-arc oxidation. With this, you will have a ceramic and stone finish look and a sturdy overall build. This is different than older HTC handsets were you were treated to “matte metallic” shells or casings. Both of the phone’s top and bottom parts are coated in a soft-finish plastic.

If you lift up the phone’s top part, you will then have an access to its micro-SIM card slot. Just like other HTC handsets, you do not have any way of accessing the phone’s battery or its microSD slot. But don’t you worry, because this baby is packed with a dual-core processor and a big 4.3″ screen.

The handset packs the latest HTC imaging tech (a dedicated ImageChip combined with f/2.0 lens). It comes with a whopping 8MP shutter and comes in with a red trim on the black micro-arc (oxidized version) with blue on the grey anodized variant. Unlike its big brother the One X, its module doesn’t protrude that much. You will also notice a flash of colors on this handset. It comes with Beats Audio branding (bottom part of the handset). You will also see its ear piece and loudspeaker as tiny holes. Behind the phone’s ear piece you will see its notification light. It also glows from behind the tiny holes as it signifies whenever you are charging the phone or when the phone is fully charged. It will also light up when you get an email or social networking messages.

You will also get a front-facing camera on this handset. It also comes in with a Super AMOLED screen. This handset ships with the latest Android Iteration the Ice Cream Sandwich. Unlike other Ice Cream Sandwich handsets, this phone comes in with a multi-task button. You will also find no menu or search buttons on this handset.

The phone is protected with plasma coating. Underneath the phone you will find its powerful 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait processor. You will also get a 1GB worth of memory accompanied by a 12GB worth of available storage on this handset. If that is not enough for you then you will get an extra 25GB worth of storage for two years from Dropbox. You can get this as soon as you log in to the phone’s cloud storage service.

As you can see the HTC One S is powerful and capable enough for you. With its Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and powerful 1.5GHz dual-core processor, you will not be able to resist it.

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iPhone App Development Features and the Craze of Incredible Apps

The introduction of iPhone and its App store has inspired developers to accelerate production of apps which could leverage its existing features. The App Store has just increased the number of apps in tremendous numbers while the release of new models as well as new mobile platform versions were greeted by a drastic rise in the number of app downloads. The development costs have increased but the demand is higher and the profits are raked by only the ones which are very successful.

The cost involved for developing the apps vary with the quality and complexity involved. The costing also depends on how much the developers charge on a monthly to hourly basis. But with the rising demand, it is difficult to get a provider who can perform iPhone apps development at reasonable rates.

There are various types of iPhone apps which are in demand related to music & Video, GPS, social media, calendar and even a remote control for the television.

The developers need to know the current taste of the market and develop a good application. It is important to market the app extensively and load it with multiple features to attract the intended audience. Marketing an app is difficult but once the task is done, one does not have to worry about it being lucrative!

There are more than one reason for the development of so many innovative apps. The competition in the mobile app development arena is heating up with the arrival of Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms. The apps boost the pivotal business sense related to the iPhone market. Rich mobile apps are difficult to market in this regard but first and foremost, one should set priorities and deployment options for the same.

One should also be decisive if one is opting to build or buy an app. Customization and maintenance does take a toll on the finances but one can control the code in this regard. The time to market and indigenously developed app is high compared to the mobile app that was purchased off the shelf.

There are a plethora of mobile development companies in the iPhone app development arena who can create bulk quantity of simple apps and even create and crack down complex and streamlined business apps. The iPhone apps that are trending on Twitter and social media are the ones which are mostly famous in the market and those which are preferred by buyers.

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Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2018

Almost all digital marketers usually practice of having at any given point of time the numerous balls. They keep on the creation of strategies, successively running campaigns, and at the same time managing important communication channels. Fortunately, there are plenty of the digital marketing tools available online for making the rearranging task easily manageable. The followings

are the preferred Digital Marketing Tools that all the marketers should be aware of and use them in 2018.

Website Endurance Speed Test

The Prospective and probable customers look for the information as soon as possible, as people do not have time, in case it consumes more time they will not stay loyal to your website and just switch to a competitor. Providing Good user experience is crucial, it starts with the user and the first-hand experience of the website. The conversion rates are dependent on the time which gets wasted for the upload of the Page. In fact, just in case the pages load time more than three seconds, the bounce rates go up to 32% of it. Therefore, it is vital to have a tool to monitor the website endurance speed test. Just in case you find lesser traffic on the site or the bounce rates are more, it is time to recheck and

assess the speed.

2. Deploy Website Analytic Tool

One of the best analytic insight is provided by the Google Analytics. It is simple to deploy the small tracking code on all the pages of the website, and the FREE access to the performance data of the site is given. Even the demographics and location of the visitors can be monitored, comparison of the performance of the page, number of hits, the causes of bouncing, and many more aspects.

3. Customer Relationship Management of the Public Relationship Management

The Google Alerts provides an answer to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and PRM (Partner Relationship Management) requirements of the website. It is very user-friendly. The only thing that one needs to do is to create an alert for the selected or the desired keyword. Google will send the email alert in case there is any mention on the internet pop up about the keyword. In case there is any mention of your product, the same can be discovered through an article on your social media. If there is some resentment being vented out about you then the same can be addressed.

4. Keeping an Eye on Social Media through Social Media Manager

Facebook also offers an in-house management tool for the same, but nowadays the social media dealings are not limited to a just a single platform like Facebook. It will be quite challenging to maintain the balance in the posting schedule, also monitoring and reviewing the performance later on across different social media pages. Fortunately, there are numerous management tools

available for the purpose like

  • HootSuite
  • Sprout Social
  • Buffer

5. Deploying Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a tested method of expending analytics to progress the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the website. The basic steps of the strategy are to collect the relevant data, create a measurable proposition, test your assumption, and appraise the results to measure effectiveness.

6. Employing the Graphic Design Tool

Many small businesses lack the budgets for hiring a full-time graphic designer, or even outsourcing the projects to the third-party agencies. The Canva provides access to everyone irrespective of the budget for beautiful graphic design templates.

7. Email Marketing Campaign Creator

Email marketing is one of the best and critically acclaimed mechanisms for the implementation for the success of digital marketing strategy. Existing and the prospective customers have given their consent for updates from you. Now it is an opportunity to build the trust and enhance the conversion rates.

The appropriate and right email marketing tool helps in customizing the templates, mechanize drip campaigns, and easily track results.

8. Utilizing the General SEO Tool

The tool should carefully be used for the purpose of crafting the digital marketing strategy for maximum benefits. The SEO or the Search engine optimization helps in controlling the content on your website and provides an incentive for the clicks. Utilizing the general SEO tool offers the services such as keyword research, research of competitor, analysis of the backlinks generated, Monitoring of PPC etc.

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